This short film’s idea came to me during the height of police killings in 2018. Innocent black folks were gunned down by cops, repeatedly. I was frustrated. I was angry. To understand the root cause, I started to research the topic.

Most public opinions at that time surrounded “defund the police” without providing viable alternative solutions. Many under-examined issues causing police brutality were: police are operating under extreme stress, lack of mental health support, neglect in coping with PTSD, and upholding a blue wall of silence.

During the research phase, I was inspired to think of two characters: one older white detective and his partner and son-in-law, a black rookie detective. The senior detective is the rookie detective’s father-in-law. I wanted to create circumstances where these two police officers are forced to confront racism and bias and repeatedly experience life-threatening situations to see if they could resolve the problem.

Below is a pivotal scene from the film.

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